MJAS Functions

MJAS Functions

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Enhancement of Security, Safety and Service

MJAS conducts internal report meetings twice a month for accidents, incidents, irregularities, Hiyari Hatto and good performance reviews of our staff involved in the operations of the airport.

OCC is the nerve-center of ground operations at Mandalay International Airport. There are over (70) arrivals and departures per day and OCC coordinates all departments within the airport

Passenger Service is the welcoming face of the airport and with all effort MJAS tries to provide the customer airlines and their passengers with excellent service.

Ramp handling is defined as service for the aircraft while it is on the ground (after arrival and before departure).

Our services and activities extend as follows.

The basic components of the GSE maintenance are inspection, servicing, overhaul and repair. Whenever inspection or servicing discovers deficiencies

(i) Maintenance Workshop

We are responsible for maintaining all facilities of the airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The airport is operated under the ICAO standard Category I on aerodrome ground lighting and electrical systems.

Electricity is regarded as the most important part of the infrastructure to be cared for at the airport. To improve the general environment and safety we are adding one more generator for stand-by (altogether there will be four).

ARFF trains daily and is committed to insuring the maintenance of the Fire fighting vehicles and equipment meet the highest standards in our industry.

When an emergency occurs ARFF has the most reliable professionals to conduct rescue and firefighting operations.

An enjoyable and pleasant journey consists of excellent service and of the knowledge that your safety and security are important factors, which are taken seriously by the airport service provider.