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DCA Announcement Letter received on 19 March 2022 as per below....

Lifting The Temporary Measures to Prevent Importation of COVID-19 to Myanmar Through Air Travel

Department of Civil Aviation has issued Circular 3/2022 on 19 March 2022 to provide all airlines operating international air services to and from Myanmar with a notification of the Ministry of Health dated 19 March 2022 (Lifting the Temporary Measures to Prevent Importation of COVID-19 to Myanmar through Air Travel). In the notification, the Ministry of Health mentioned that the Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 has approved the followings, aiming at the developments of Myanmar's international tourism as well as at the facilitation of entries of Myanmar nationals and foreigners:

(a)       The Temporary Measures will be effective up to 16 April 2022 2359 Hours MST;

(b)       The resumptions of international commercial passenger flights operations to and from Myanmar, with effect from 17 April 2022 (1st day of Myanmar New Year) 0000 Hours MST, under COVID-19 entry requirements and regulations established by the MOH, and guidance and/or instructions made by the other relevant authorities.

International Airlines
Bangkok Airways PG

China Eastern Airlines MU

China Express Airlines G5

Loong Air Airlines GJ

Qingdao Airlines QW

Ruili Airlines DR

Sichuan Airlines 3U

Thai Air Asia FD

Domestics Airlines
Air KBZ K7

Myanmar National Airlines UB

Mann Yandanapon Airlines 7Y

Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5

Air Thanlwin ST