Enhancement of Security, Safety and Service

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Enhancement of Security, Safety and Service within Airport Operations:

MJAS conducts internal report meetings twice a month for accidents, incidents, irregularities, Hiyari Hatto and good performance reviews of our staff involved in the operations of the airport.

The number of reports exceeds 200 monthly. One-third of which deal with Hiyari Hatto, a well known strategy in risk management. Hiyari Hatto cannot be shared with others if an employee contains it within him/herself, because he/she thinks it is a trivial problem and not worth reporting. MJAS encourages employees to make any Hiyari Hatto report, so that even the smallest issue can be dealt with as soon as possible by management. All departments, including Human Resource, Finance and Administration Departments are strongly encouraged to make any small incidents (one step before failure or unexposed failure) an integral part of their work ethic. MJAS presents bi-annual awards for top three of the “most remarkable” ones, and for the Department which submitted the largest number of Hiyari Hatto reports for each period.

The Hiyari Hatto report provides us, as a by-product, with open-mindedness, a free speaking atmosphere and the philosophy that any failure could be open and preventable or readily recoverable by all means.