International Departure Guide

International Departure Guide

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Security Screening Point

At the Security Screening point, before your check-in counter, please have your air ticket(s) ready.

Buggage shall be passed through X-ray security to check for lithium batteries, portable power banks, electronic devices and metallic items in your hand-carry baggage.  These should be placed in a separate tray for X-Ray.

Please then walk through the Metal Detector for a body search.

After proceeding through the security screening point, you can continue on to the check-in counter.


Make sure you have all your travel documents ready, including a valid passport, air ticket or booking confirmation and any necessary visas before proceeding to check-in.

To avoid any delays and have a more efficient check-in process, passengers are advised to ensure that the baggage is packed under the security guidelines.

Upon finishing the check-in process, you can drop-off your checked baggage at the check-in counter.  Hand-carry baggage measurement and weight shall meet with the airlines’ guidelines.

Centralized Security Check Point

After the check-in, please proceed to the centralized security screening check point for the sake of security and safety for all passengers.

Your hand-carry baggage shall be inspected and a body search shall be conducted. Passengers are advised to ensure to have your passport and boarding pass ready for inspection prior to arriving at the security check.

Prohibited and dangerous items are not permitted to be carried on board the aircraft. Get more information from here.


Make sure you have your passport and boarding pass ready for inspection before reaching the Immigration.

After completing the immigration process, please take a rest at one of our convenient airport facilities or tenant shops before boarding.


Passengers are requested to arrive at the specified boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the flight departure.