Passenger Service

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Passenger Service is the welcoming face of the airport and with all effort MJAS tries to provide the customer airlines and their passengers with excellent service.

  • Accuracy and swiftness

The precise and crisp handling of checking passports / visas, seat assignments, confirming auxiliary services that are required, reconfirming security procedures and tagging baggage will make your trip more secure and comfortable. Our CUTE (Common Used Terminal Equipment) System is linked with the airline host computer to convey real-time ticketing data with the utmost accuracy and swiftness, as well as efficiency during check-in.


  • Hospitality

A remarkable characteristic of Myanmar is found in the hospitality, and dedication of our passenger service is counted as among the best in the world. You will never forget our smile. The professionalism of our wheel chair service members is reflected in the thankyou letters we receive, every month, from all over the world.


  • The CIP Lounge and airport tenants

After Immigration, you will be able to relax at our CIP Lounge, or you can enjoy shopping and dining at any of our tenant shops and comfortable restaurants.


  • Boarding

Boarding is the final service we provide as an airport operator. Before boarding please listen for your gate announcements. We provide priority boarding for the elderly, passengers with young children, wheel chair passengers and then zone boarding. Please have your passport and boarding pass ready to show boarding staff to proceed through a smooth departure. This will ensure you have a most assuring experience when starting out on your travels.


  • In case of any trouble

We are very proud to be able to give our clients a swift and proper resolution to address any problems that could present themselves. For instance, we may need some time to look for lost baggage, but we will keep you informed on how the trace is progressing.