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Café De Mandalar

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" The restaurant opens 7 a.m to 20:30 p.m daily. Hours may vary to flight schedules. It is located on the 2nd floor and go straight from gate 7 untail you see the Coffee De Mandalar sign board on your right side. The interior decoration is charming and gorgeous with the high speed Wi-Fi. The soft background music makes the environment more enjoyable and soothing. The restaurant offers Thai, European, local food menus and drink list that gives you a wide ranges and options to pick from. The prices are reasonable and the foods are served quickly as opposed to some other restaurants where you will have to wait for a long for your foods to appear on your table. The waiters and other staffs are friendly and welcoming. Therefore, this is a really nice restaurant to go and enjoy the delicious meals. "

Departure Level

       - At Gate 7

      Open Hours
       - 06:00 to 20:00 Daily