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Pegasus Souvenir Shop

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" ❖ Concept of Pegasus Souvenirs and Gift Shop

“Pegasus Souvenirs & Gift Shop” is where the essence of beautiful Myanmar Tradition can be found. Items presented here are Local and Traditional Handicrafts such as Myanmar Lacquerwares and Yoon Products, Gemstone Pictures, Myanmar Tapestries, famous Myanmar food products and other Souvenirs & Gift accessories.

Product List and Prices

  • Myanmar Traditional Handicrafts (Price ranging from 5 USD and above)
    • Myanmar Lacquerwares and Yoon Products
    • Myanmar Tapestries
    • Gemstone Pictures
    • Woodcrafts
  • Myanmar Jewels & Souvenirs (Price ranging from 20 USD and above)
  • Gift Accessories (Price ranging from 1 USD to 50 USD)
  • Local Food Products (Price ranging from 1 USD to 30 USD)
    • Pickled Tea Leaves (La-Phet)
    • Local Coffee Beans and Tea
    • Cashew Kernels, Groundnut and Sesame

Jaggery and Tamarind Flakes, and etc., "

Departure Level​

       - At Gate 5,6