Electrical Staff

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Electrical Staff
Experience Level: 
1 Year
Job Location: 
Mandalay International Airport
Posted Date: 
07 Jun 2022

Business Area : Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance Department

Job Description

  • To do Inspection and Maintenance service work in Airfield Lighting and Navigation AID station.
  • To do repairing work in electrical power supply on Airfield Lighting Navigation AID station and power line under the supervision of Unit Manager.

Job Requirements

  • Male only.
  • Age should be between 22-27 years.
  • GTHS/ AGTI/ B.Tech (EP) or equivalent.
  • If having related work experience, may be exempt from educational restrictions.
  • Must be familiar and aware the Technician Terms/ Manual written by English language.
  • Able to work with Day and Night shift duty assign.

Working Hours and Days

  • Working days : Due to shift schedule.
  • Working hours : Due to shift schedule.

Other Allowance

  • Benefits : Bonus, Health, Condolence, Congratulatory, Overtime allowance, SSB and other allowance
  • Provide : Ferry (or) Transportation fees, Uniform, Laundry Service
  • Type : Permanent
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